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  • Jam 3D print Studio
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: EU Plug
    2 Years working really good
    After two Years of using I can say it worth it!I changed the linear Bearing to Igus-bearings and they were much more quiet and precise.The Mainboard needs also cooling, because it was to hot (around 90°C says my therminal camera).After after those two little changes it's my favorite printer.I worked on several delta printer (I dont like any of them), Pusa i3 MK3 MM2 and Renkforce RF500.The Prusa is better, for sure, but for the most prints I use this one. I had NO! Jamming issues and the first nozzle. With some changes in the G-code it's possible to change the Filament for some Layers to get Mulicolor Prints and I really like the results (see the pictures).I would buy it again, but change the bearings and put on the fan on the Mainboard right in the first place. By the way the Manuall is not good because there were two and you had to check both in the same time.That was a little confusing...

    Jan 06,2019

  • dESK0
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: EU Plug
    Relación precio/calidad insuperable
    Primera compra en Gearbest y mas satisfecho imposible. La impresora peca de algunos males menores facilmente subsanables, pej añadiendo un tensor en el eje Y la calidad de las piezas aumenta de un modo impresionante evitando unas vibraciones muy molestas en la cama caliente. El sensor de fin de carrera del eje X queda muy muy cerca de la varilla estriada y hay riesgo de rotura del cable, con una simple brida se evita sin problemas. Por lo demás me parece una impresora genial, muy fácil de utilizar y ya desde la segunda o tercera impresión se consiguen unos resultados muy buenos. La calidad de los materiales es en general muy buena, en especial el extrusor está muy bien fabricado.
    El montaje puede llegar a ser un tanto complicado, en especial porque en las instrucciones hay algunos pasos poco claros, incluso hay alguna imagen del montaje en la que la muestra está mal colocada, llevando a confusión. Es de agradecer que la PSU lleve ventilador incorporado para mantener la temperatura a raya, pero es excesivamente ruidoso.

    Feb 22,2017

  • Dmitriy Antonov
    Yes (1) Color: Black Size: EU Plug
    Acrylic 3DCSTAR P802-MHS
    Pretty nice printer. After some modifications it can print up to 0.05mm layer. Good electronic components, motors etc. Very usefull options as Pause Print etc. I recomment to print several upgrades to make frame more stable. And buy a Bowden kit (u can buy it here, on Gearbest price is very good - just search 3Ed v6). Also, the best price is here, on Gearbest. I attached some fotos and exapmle of printed part of the printer
    It needs to be upgraded otherwise frame will be not stable.

    Apr 17,2017

  • Stagni
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: EU Plug
    Praticamante perfetta
    Premetto che è la prima stampante 3D Premetto che un pò di elettronica la mastico. Premesso questo, il montaggio ha richiesto un paio di serate. Accesa la stampante è andato tutto al primo colpo. Le istruzioni e i primi file di prova sono all'interno di una SD card che viene spedita assieme all'imballaggio. Anche l'imballo è gestito molto bene. Di fatto è un modello replica delle Prusa. Funziona sia con Windows che con Linux (utilizza il SW repetier). Col Mac non so. Il prezzo è veramente interessante.
    Se non si è un poco pratici con meccanica ed elettronica non è proprio come montare i giocattoli dell'ovo di Pasqua. D'altronde ci sono sia i filmati che le istruzioni di montaggio in PDF. Non precisissime, ma se si arriva in fondo è una soffisfazione! Montaggio un pò complicato

    Dec 16,2016

  • Impresora 3D
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: EU Plug
    Impresora 3D
    La impresora me ha llegado por correos en tan solo 11 dias. Perfectamente empaquetada. El contenido es el que indican, es mas, vienen hasta tornilleria de mas. La calidad del acabado de las piezas es inmejorable. Echas un buen rato en montarla, pero siguiendo las instrucciones y después de algún fallo la terminas. Al enchufarla funciona a la primera, todos los motores, los finales de carrera, una gozada. No he imprimido nada aún, pero por los vídeos que he visto funciona correctamente. Por 135€ ha sido una compra perfecta. La verdad es que Gearbest hasta ahora me ha sorprendido por su calidad de servicio y rapidez.
    Deberían incluir alguna fotografía de la máquina montada para poder fijarnos como va montada, sobre todo los cables.

    Oct 01,2016

  • Sergey
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: EU Plug
    Качество принтера и деталей - на высоте. На сборку не спеша ушло пол дня, винтиков продавец ложит с достаточно большим запасом, что позволяет не беспокоиться о том что чего-то не хватит. После сборки - принтер сразу же запечатал с отличным качеством даже без доработок.Принтер однозначно стоит того что бы его купить. В дополнение ко всему он выглядит привлекательно. Такой не стыдно поставить на видном месте.
    Акриловый стол

    Feb 24,2017

  • Newton Worrell
    Yes (7) Color: Black Size: AU Plug
    Loving this so far
    3d printing is fast becoming the new normal so I decided to jump on this sweet bandwagon!! No regrets so far! Keep in mind that I come from a hobbyist/IT tech background so the actual setup was not too difficult for me. YMMV. There's a lot to learn and absorb but it's very rewarding to see this printer working as it should. After everything is ready to go, there's also the levelling and setup. Can't skip any skeps if you want this done right, folks.
    Happy so far, so no complaints

    Mar 02,2016

  • Jose
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: US Plug
    I had no exp w 3d printing..none.. learning curve.. would exist regardless of printer model or price. This printer is not "pretty" or fancy, no bells and whistles.. it gets the job done and provides what you put into it. The printer is versatile and can be modded. It's a workshop printer, not something you place in your living room like a pretty lamp.. Work this thing, it's a tool.
    Z access mount was slightly warped. Solution was to loosen screw on mount.. then I just printed a replacement...better than original, BLAM!

    Jun 22,2017

  • darren zochowski
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: US Plug
    love this 3d printer.
    it's inexpensive great for a beggars budget prints are turning out awesome. And has more features than is described in the discretion. the presets seem to be spot on for pla. And leveling it is not bad at all. only took around 4 hour to assemble. also works with all the slicer programs that I have used.
    heat bed is off by 17 degrees Celsius so keep that in mind for abs.

    Oct 09,2016

  • Marc
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: EU Plug
    Montée en une journée, ça a été un vrai plaisir.. La structure est rigide (mais pas assez)les colis est arrivé bien emballé la machine imprime bien apres calibration, parfait pour debuter dans l'impression 3d sans se ruiner.apres un an d'utilisation je suis toujours aussi satisfait.
    pas assez rigide

    Jul 16,2018