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  • Slava
    Great mechanical keyboard for a great price
    * Good build quality.* The base of the keyboard is a thick piece of rigid metal, which gives the keyboard a very pleasant weight and feels sturdy. I often find myself resting fingers on the metal base when not typing, and the feel of the hard cool metal is oddly satisfying.* Sturdy braided USB cable with an attached velcro organizer is convenient and looks & feels high quality.* The brown switches used here have a distinct tactile feel and are very satisfying to type on. A coworker has a Corsair keyboard with Cherry brown switches, and the typing feel of the AK35I compares very favorably to it.* I have no particular use for the back-lighting. That said, even I have to admit the multitude of available lighting effects are very cool and super fun to play around with.* The volume scroller is a really nice addition and works very well, even if one I could live perfectly well without.
    * Minimal documentation in Chinese only. I'm still not entirely sure what many of the extra buttons do. I understand it's not trivial for a Chinese company to write decent documentation in English, and for the price I really can't find reason to complain too much about this point. Even still, a basic guide in English would have been a welcome addition.* Software is available for Windows only, which I suspect is required for the programming and functionality of most extra keys. That said, the keyboard is a standard HID and so of course works perfectly well as an input device on any conceivable OS, and I doubt I would have bothered with the software even if it was available.* I could live without the over-designed gaming font and icons on the keycaps. That said, it's less noticeable than I expected, and with the backlight off the keyboard almost looks downright classy.

    May 27,2018

  • Mastervulcanus
    Un teclado anti RGB
    Los Switch son sumamente blandos si has tenido antes teclados de otras marcas posiblemente te guste más está sensación que las de los Cherry MX como fue mi caso, no es para nada ruidoso, es bastante pesado, pesa poco más de 1.3Kg, los bordes cromados están sumamente detallados, teclas de doble inyección, efectos de iluminación cualquiera, pero pufff... algo más teclas multimedia y macros, que más podemos pedir???Definitivamente gastaria en otro de esta marca e inclusive otros productos de la misma
    nada la verdad, no he encontrado nada de malo en este la calidad es premium me atrevo a decir que compite con el Corsair K70 LUX

    Jan 08,2018

  • Matheus
    Ajazz AK35i Review
    Really good build quality, including cable;Media keys with with dedicated roll bar for volume;Really nice to game and type on;Many options for LED patterns;Driver support;You can create 3 profiles with different LED patterns and macros;Option to choose which LED keys stays on;With the driver you can change function of every key;Option to choose switch color.
    Manual only in Chinese, I had to translate it with my phone; The driver for this model is only available ih the Chinese website, but the software has english.

    Jun 19,2018

  • Panorios Benardos
    Ajazz AK35i review (brown switches)
    Considering the price, this is a really great keyboard. Backlighting is uniform through all keys and there are some really nice effects as well. I got the version with brown switches and the keys have a nice feel without being too loud. The keycaps could be a little better but they are easily replaceable with standard mx keycaps so that is another good point if you want to customise your keyboard.
    It would be better if the instructions were in English to understand how to use all the features of the keyboard.

    Apr 30,2018

  • Tom
    great keyboard for great price
    im using this keyboard almost a year.using it for gaming and typing.great keyboard! feels good, working without any problem!smooth press, didn't feel any physical deterioration by now.the only disadvantage is that the manufacturer's software is in chinese, and for me is impossible to set binding for the keyboards.

    Dec 14,2018

  • Edu
    Awesome Keyboard
    Amazing keyboard. Looks beautiful and has several different light effects. I've been using it to play for a while and for me it works perfectly. The brown switch feels good when typing and isn't loud.
    Manual comes in chinese so it's hard to figure out all the functions of the keyboard. I asked gearbest customer support and they translated it for me.

    Jun 25,2018

  • Constantine
    Ajazz AK35I
    Клавиатура огонь! Множество настроек подсветки, четкое нажатие( без клика, заказывал с коричневыми свичами), относительно тяжёлая алюминиевая рамка - лежит на столе как влитая.
    Подсветка медиа кнопок не отключается. Нету инструкции, настройка подсветки на ощупь. Буквы только латинские.

    Dec 16,2017

  • Alexander
    Beautiful keyboard
    This keyboard is amazing, the built quality is excellent, quite heavy, nice sound with the blue switches, great backlight effects. I highly recommend this keyboard.
    This keyboard is amazing, the built quality is excellent, quite heavy, nice sound with the blue switches, great backlight effects. I highly recommend this keyboard.

    Jun 27,2018

  • Jake
    AK 35i
    Volume control works great. Lights = Cool. Clicky keys are enjoyable. nice design and layout. packaging was good. It has held up well in a dusty envirnment
    Keys are all ready feeling "mushy" on a non gaming system.

    Jun 22,2018

  • Dmitrii
    Very good item
    Ajazz AK35I NKRO Gaming Mechanical Keyboard. Good quality! Everything is all right. Gear best is very good store.
    Nothing. Brown switch!

    Feb 09,2018